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How To Fix A Cracked Glass

Fixing the glass around your home isn’t always as difficult as it sounds. Cracked glass is often a fact of life when window frames, mirrors, kitchen glassware or door glass encounter hard objects. Short cracks can quickly turn into long cracks that spell the end of the entire glass. But you can repair that glass quickly and cheaply and stay one step ahead of the complete replacement with epoxy and a utility knife.

Is it possible to repair the glass?

Seeing a cracked window in your house is super annoying. You may be tempted to start repairing glass cracks yourself. This prevents your glass from breaking further. However, glass repair is not so easy. Questions may come to mind.

Is it feasible for you to fix a broken window by yourself?

Or is it a task that can only be completed by a professional?

Is replacing the window glass the only option for a cracked window?

Let’s talk about these issues.

Yes, it is possible to repair a cracked window without a complete replacement. And you can completely repair a cracked window yourself, even if you are a do-it-yourselfer. However, there are certain conditions for this.

If there is a small crack in the window glass, it can be easily repaired with simple glass glue and epoxy resin. Even if it is a large crack and the window glass is badly broken, you can still repair it with epoxy resin and glue. Similarly, chipping in the corner of the glass can also be repaired by filling it with epoxy resin. However, you should always be careful when making repairs.

How To Fix A Cracked Rim That Leaks Air?

It becomes dangerous for laypeople to enter if the damage extends far further than a simple crack or chip. For instance, it is impossible to fix an impact crack without the right expertise. Don’t attempt to accomplish it by yourself. Repairing such glass damage can be risky because little shards and sharp pieces of broken glass might seriously hurt you. minor undetectable chips can damage you even if they appear to be a minor fracture.


It’s crucial to remember that the steps for fixing a glass chip only apply to home goods with single glazing. These include single-chamber windows, countertops, shower doors, vases, and double glazing with a crack in only one of the panes.

It is not intended to be used to repair a cracked windshield on a car, which calls for the use of a plunger to maintain the vacuum between the glass layers and a syringe to inject resin into the crack. While using this method, you can repair a cracked mirror, the repair will inevitably be more obvious in the reflection than it would be on standard glass. The best results come from a little break on the side of a mirror that is not in your line of sight.

What Kinds of Broken Glass Can You Fix on Your Own?


  • Vases, single-pane windows, and double-pane windows with only one pane cracked; tabletops; shower doors;


Dry and Clean the Glass

The glass needs to be spotless and residue-free in order for the adhesive to adhere. If at all feasible, separate the shattered pieces of glass and clean the edges. If not, keep the fragments together. Dry the glass completely.

Get the epoxy ready.

The ends of both the two-part epoxy cylinders should be snapped off or cut off. Ensure that the openings of the two cylinder nozzles are equal. A clean work surface, such as a paper plate, should be used to squirt the epoxy onto. Ensure that both liquids are extruding equally. Mix the epoxy and the wooden stick thoroughly.

Cut off any extra epoxy.

when the epoxy has completely dried. Use a razor or a loose utility knife blade to cut off the extra material. To cut off the epoxy, move the blade at a shallow angle (about 15 degrees). Remove the blade from your body by sliding it. The epoxy will stay at the same level as long as the blade is flush on the glass’s surface.

Wash the Glass.

Fingerprints on the glass and patch can be removed with paper towels and glass cleaner.

Repairing Cracked Glass

The risk of harm may make fixing cracked glass appear difficult, but the remedy itself is straightforward if you move swiftly before the epoxy hardens.

Install masking tape.

The glass may remain unbroken if a piece of transparent packing tape is applied over the crack. To provide the glass the essential adhesion that will keep it together, apply the tape to both sides. To stop water from entering, use two or three layers of tape. Make sure the tape is covering the entire length and width of the crack, then firmly push it against the glass.

Put on nail polish

Fill in the crack after dipping the nail paint brush into the polish. As you need to fill the hole, use a lot of polish. To further seal the opening, reapply the polish three or four times after allowing it to dry completely. Remember that minor cracks can only be sealed by nail polish. If the crack is substantial or the damage is severe, it won’t be of any use.

Apply a nylon mesh patch.

Cut a piece of a pair of nylon stockings that is square or rectangular. Apply super glue to its borders, then paste it over the window crack. Till the adhesive has cured, keep the patch firmly affixed to the window.

Apply a large piece of plastic.

This approach is comparable to the one we previously discussed. It only requires cutting a square piece of plastic from a tarp or a shopping bag. To hide the crack, make sure the portion you’re going to cut is big enough. Apply duct tape to the piece’s edges, place it over the crack, and adhere it there. Another option is masking tape.

Final Reflections

With the proper equipment and safety measures, replacing tiny cracks in glass is a doable do-it-yourself project. You may save time and money on expert glass repair services by following these easy steps. Always put safety first when attempting to fix glass by yourself: To prevent injuries, handle glass with caution and wear protective clothing. We advise contacting a nearby repair firm if you come across significant cracks that call for replacement of the glass in order to achieve a smooth and secure outcome.

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  • Will the glass’s restoration be apparent?

Yes. Do-it-yourself glass crack repair attempts to contain the break, lessen its visual impact, and stop it from expanding.

Glass restoration won’t entirely conceal the crack from all perspectives. Instead, it is merely a superficial touch-up that reduces the crack’s apparent size. The patched crack might not be visible from some perspectives. The crack will be apparent from different perspectives.

  • Can the glass in a windshield be fixed?

Repairing a windshield is not a DIY project. However, windshields can be fixed by experts. A resin is injected into the crack, much as the process outlined in this tutorial, to stop it from expanding. Driving with a cracked windshield may be prohibited in your region. Therefore, the windshield can either be repaired or completely replaced by your insurance provider.

  • Can you make a glass chip vanish?

No, however you can lessen how obvious the correction is. The patch will become apparent if dirt or smudges are transferred to the glass or mirror. The epoxy keeps the dirt on the glass. So it’s important to clean the glass. Additionally, any epoxy residue left behind will be apparent. Use a brand-new razor or utility knife blade to completely remove the epoxy.


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