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How To Fix Chipped Glass Corner Aquarium

How to Repair a Corner Aquarium with Chipped Glass:

Chipped Glass

Any business or home that has an aquarium will look stunning and have a serene ambiance. However, mishaps can still happen, and the glass may occasionally fracture or break. Don’t panic if the corner of your glass aquarium is chipped. It is repairable. We’ll walk you through the process of repairing a corner aquarium with chipped glass in this blog post.

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Safety measures:

Making ensuring you are safe is the most crucial stage in any do-it-yourself job. Here are some safety precautions to keep in mind:
• Put on gloves to shield your hands from the glass’s jagged edges.
• Protect your eyes with eyewear to keep any debris out of them.

Step 1: Take your pets out of the tank and put them in a temporary home. Drain the tank of all its water.

Step 2: Remove glass fragments from the chipped area using a needle. With a tack and tweezers, remove any loose bits and put them in a garbage can.

Step 3
The chipped area should be sprayed with glass cleaner before being cleaned with a paper towel. Use the tweezers to search for any tiny pieces you may have missed. Occasionally, they will move while being cleaned. Tweezers should be used to remove and discard any loose parts.

Step 4
To hide the chip, press the suction cup firmly against the glass. The nipple of the suction cup needs to be over the crack and it must rest flush on the glass.

Tip of the injector is inserted into the nipple in step 5. To squeeze the epoxy, depress the injector. When the crack is completely filled and the epoxy is flush with the suction cup, stop adding epoxy.

Step 6: Remove the injector, covering the injector tip with a lid to stop epoxy excess.

Step 7: To firm the epoxy, expose the tank to direct sunshine for five minutes. If any epoxy drips, wipe it up with a paper towel after removing the suction cup.

Step 8: Cut the epoxy flat with the window using a razor blade. For the epoxy to fully cure, keep the aquarium in the sun for an additional 10 minutes.

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Additional Helpful Hints and Tips:

• Carefully follow the instructions on the epoxy resin and hardener container if you’re unsure how to combine them.
• When sanding the area, be patient. Make sure the area is even and smooth by taking your time.
• While the epoxy resin is drying, refrain from touching the chipped area.


A corner aquarium with chipped glass can be ugly and possibly harmful to your aquatic animals. But you can fix anything if you have the correct tools and some spare time. In order to fix your aquarium and restart taking advantage of its beauty and tranquility, follow the directions provided above. Never neglect to exercise the necessary caution and work in a well-ventilated area.

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