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How to Repair Shower Grout Cracks

A Complete Guide on Fixing Cracked Grout in Showers

In addition to being ugly, cracked grout in the shower can, if ignored, result in mold growth and water damage. We’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to repair broken grout in your shower in this blog post. Cracked grout can be readily repaired with the correct tools and procedures, keeping your shower looking brand new.

Grout: What Is It?


Grout fills the spaces between the tiles. It usually consists of cement, sand, and water. Grout helps keep tiles in place by preventing water from penetrating through the spaces between them.

The following supplies and tools are needed to repair cracked grout in the shower:

Before beginning to repair the cracked grout in your shower, you will require the following supplies and equipment:

  1. Grout observed
  2. Float the grout 3. Sponge
  3. Bucket
  4. Grunt
  5. Caulk

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Step 1: Take out any loose or broken grout.

I grabbed one to assist in removing the broken grout. I also had to scrape off part of it with my reliable. (In order to make the grout grinder fit between my tiles more easily, I actually removed one side.) In addition to removing the broken grout, your objective is to grind away the old grout to make room for the new grout. Before applying, I dried off the subfloor in the shower by using heaters.

Step 2: Tidy Up

After the grout was removed, use a vacuum to remove any leftover dust. To remove any last traces of mildew and grout dust, I scrubbed with baking soda and white vinegar.

Step 3: Reroute

I did not use a lot of grout, therefore I used this premixed sanded grout. Because it comes in a variety of hues, take into account the grout you currently have before making a purchase. I filled the spaces between the tiles with grout by using a spatula to scoop some onto my rubber groutfloat and pressing it in. To make sure the grout is forced between the tiles all the way, move your float in a ‘x’ pattern back and forth.

Step 4: Tidy Up the Remainder

To find out how long to wait before wiping off extra grout, refer to the package instructions. Wipe out any extra grout with a large yellow sponge, then rinse. and carry on.

Step 5: Let it dry and apply caulk.

I had to wait seven days for the grout to set because it was on a shower floor.

Recall how I turned on the heater. As a result of the fractured grout, the area underneath our tiles was so wet and soaked that the first time I put the grout…

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It never got better. After seven days, it disappeared. I knew there wasn’t an issue because I had bought premixed grout, so I scraped it off, left the heaters on for a few more days, and then did it again.

After a week, the grout seemed to have solidified, allowing me to caulk the edges and reactivate our shower!  I regret not doing this sooner. We utilized the shower with fractured grout, which simply meant that there was more water dripping onto the floor beneath the tile and the backerboard. Make a mental note to repair any damaged grout as soon as you see it!

Do you recall how it used to look? The before is shown here; to see the after, scroll down!

Advice for Guarding Against Cracked Shower Grout:

It is easier to prevent shower grout cracking than to repair it. Here are some pointers to avoid shower grout cracking:

  • Keep the shower dry: To stop water from leaking into the grout, clean the shower after each use.
  • Squeegee: Squeegee away extra water from the shower’s floor and walls.
  • Seal the grout: To stop water seeping in, seal the grout once a year.
  • Apply flexible caulk: To enable mobility, apply flexible caulk around the shower’s edges.

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In summary:

Having the correct equipment and procedures can make repairing damaged grout in the shower simple. You can stop water damage and mold growth in your shower by fixing the damaged grout with our step-by-step approach. It is important to remember to remove the previous grout, clean the area, apply fresh grout, remove any excess, allow the grout to dry, then caulk the area. Additionally, adhere to our recommendations for sealing the grout, applying flexible caulk, utilizing a squeegee, and keeping the shower dry in order to prevent cracked grout in the shower. You can maintain your shower looking brand new and save money on repairs by following these easy tips.


Could You Replace the Missing Grout?

How come my grout is chipping? Many inquire about how to repair damaged grout on a floor or in a shower. Over time, hairline cracks frequently appear. Why does grout break? The framing material’s variations in moisture frequently cause it to break. This leads to shifting and distortion. This is a typical justification for grout repair in bathrooms or showers. It might be challenging to know what steps to take while trying to fix damaged grout. Minor gaps can be filled in using grout, and sanding caulk can be used as a stopgap. It can, however, chip off. Using the procedures in the earlier sections is the best course of action.

What Takes Place When Grout Is Applied Above Other Grout?

Online sites differ on whether it’s acceptable to apply fresh grout over previously installed grout. A lot of people claim that it depends on your method. Grout can chip easily if it is applied without first cleaning or prepping the surface. The idea is to use a grout removal tool to prepare a surface so that fresh grout can attach to it.

Does Rerouting Require Eliminating All Old Grout?

No, most of the time you don’t need to remove it completely. If at all feasible, make sure to leave adequate space for the fresh grout to bond. But make sure to eliminate any cracked or broken grout. Make sure you have the appropriate tools for tile grout repair, whether you’re doing floor or shower grout repair.

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