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Rock ledges are a well-known solution for mortgage holders who want a sharp and durable surface in the kitchen or toilet GRANITE COUNTERTOPS. In any case, accidents can occur, chips and cracks may appear. Fortunately, with a little practice and the right tools, he attaches the chip to the stone windowsill. In this article, we will explain how to repair a crack in a stone ledge.

How to repair a crack in a granite countertop

Required materials and tools:

  • Stone filler (based on epoxy resin or rubber)
  • Hardener
  • Mixing with a spatula
  • Extremely sharp tip or scrubber
  • Thin sandpaper (roughness 220 or 320)
  • Detergent
  • Rock kit

How To Fix A Cracked Glass

How to repair cracks in granite

Cracks and crevices in granite can’t really be repaired, what can really be done is to fill in the cracks with epoxy or acrylic so they don’t show.

If it is a broken piece of granite that you want to repair, epoxy resin can be used to glue it together.

After filling and welding, its granite surface needs to be polished again (in fact, a power tool, a diamond sanding pad).

If this is done correctly and carefully, it is possible to achieve an almost perfect result, but this can never be guaranteed. The procedure is quite artistic and a good result depends on the experience of the person performing it.

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Not all cracks need to be repaired

Before following the epoxy repair path, it is important to make sure that it is really necessary. If it’s a crack that doesn’t have a hole, there’s nothing special to do. No matter how ugly each crack is, you can rest assured that it won’t affect your granite structure. In fact, it can only be a crevice (a crack in natural granite).

Now, if there is a vacuum, it is best to fill this cavity with epoxy resin.

A good rule of thumb for figuring out what type of crack you’re dealing with is “If you feel a crack when you run your fingers over it, you need to fix it.”

How to repair cracks and chips on granite

Let’s start by explaining the process of filling a crack on a granite surface. If you are interested in repairing a completely broken part, this is the topic of our next section.

Choose an epoxy material

Start by choosing the material you want to use for the repair. There are many epoxy products specifically designed for the repair of granite and natural stone. Choose carefully, as some are the best for filling in cracks, while others are ideal for updating fragments.

Since epoxy is not necessarily colored, you need to think about pigmentation. Some brands offer pigments that they can mix with their epoxy resin to make them look like your type of granite. Choose wisely,

We prefer a slightly different approach to color, as we will explain in the next subsection.

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Collecting granite dust

To achieve the desired color, granite fabric can be mixed with the epoxy resin for pigmentation. Ideally, you should collect granite dust ground from a slab very similar to yours.(GRANITE COUNTERTOPS)

Granite edge chamfering and polishing, a common activity for countertop manufacturers and installers, generates a lot of granite dust, optionally you can try to purchase the required amount from these professionals.

2 teaspoons of granite powder should be more than enough for a 1-foot crack, so you might even be able to get that for free.

Clean and isolate the crack area

Thoroughly clean the crack area with acetone and use adhesive tape to insulate an area of at least 1/8 inch around the entire crack. This way you can clean the remaining epoxy resin later.

Prepare the epoxy mixture

Mix the epoxy resin, usually a 2-part mixture, according to the supplier’s instructions, and then add granite powder until the paste is the same color as the granite you are repairing.

Apply epoxy resin to the crack

Apply the epoxy resin with the same tool with which you mixed and press it into the crack until filled.

The trick is to make sure the crack is filled while ensuring a smooth application. Remember that excess epoxy must be brushed later. However, keep in mind that epoxy resin tends to shrink, so overfilling is better than underfilling.

Wait for the epoxy to dry

Give the epoxy resin time to dry completely, for as long as the manufacturer requires.


After everything is done, the granite surface needs to be re-polished. This is done in order to rub the epoxy “scar” and make the entire surface look like a single whole again.

We will discuss this in the last section of this article.(GRANITE COUNTERTOPS)


Repairing granite isn’t rocket science, and you hardly need to do it anyway. To make sure you don’t, ask professionals to provide you with granite countertops for your home and install them. Granite ASAP staff know everything you need to know about granite and other stones, and can help you choose the right stone for your kitchen countertop.

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Last Words:

It is a simple and straightforward process to repair a countertop fracture. You may surely repair any damage and restore your ledge’s excellence and usefulness with the appropriate tools and supplies. Whether you choose an epoxy-based filler or one based on pitch, be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions and leave yourself enough room to properly sand and seal the surface. You can create a beautiful and sturdy ledge that will last for a very long time with just the right amount of effort.

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