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How To Repair Cracked Porcelain Sink

How To Repair Cracked Porcelain Sink

How To Repair Cracked Porcelain Sink

Porcelain sinks are known for toilets and kitchens due to their rich appearance and durability. In any case, like some other materials, they are susceptible to injuries such as breakage. A broken porcelain sink can be a frustrating problem that can be costly to replace, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to fix a broken porcelain sink.

Do you see ugly cracks in your porcelain sink? If the cracks are cosmetic, this is an easy fix – something you can confidently do yourself. However, some cracks may mean that your sink needs to be replaced.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to seal cracks in porcelain sinks and determine when a porcelain sink needs to be replaced.

Let’s get started!

Why does the porcelain sink crack?

Thermal stress

Thermal stress is one of the most typical reasons why porcelain sinks develop hairline cracks. Since porcelain is usually layered on top of metal (which conducts heat), the sink loses heat quickly and can become very cold – even if the room is not cold.

Therefore, hot water that comes into contact with cold porcelain creates temperature stress, which can lead to cracks on the sink surface. Sinks that are fully made of porcelain (i.e., without a metal coating) are likewise susceptible to this temperature stress.

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Bodily injury

Another reason why cracks can occur on porcelain sinks is physical trauma. Heavy objects can fall on the sink during washing. In some cases, the porcelain sink can be accidentally hit by tools during a DIY plumbing repair.

Healed cracks

Whether caused by thermal stress or physical trauma, small cracks can worsen over time. Further thermal stress on the cracks when hot water flows through the sink can gradually increase the size of the existing cracks.

Can you fix a cracked porcelain sink?

Cracks and chips in the sink can usually be easily repaired. However, if your sink is leaking due to structural cracks, it’s time for a replacement. Also, if the crack is so deep that you can see right through it, you need to buy a new sink.

It’s also important to manage expectations if you’re going to repair cracks in a porcelain sink with minor, non-structural damage. When it comes to DIY porcelain sink crack repair, you can make the crack unnoticeable – at least from about a foot or half a foot away. However, up close, repairs can still be seen.

In addition, after repairing a cracked sink is complete, the surface of the repaired area may not be as smooth to the touch as the rest of the sink.

Step 1: Clean the sink

Remove dirt, grime and debris from the sink with water, a universal household cleaner and a sponge. Scrub the surface of the sink, then dry it with a towel and let it air dry completely.

Step 2: Rub the damaged area

Use fine sandpaper (grit 400 to 600) to lightly rub the shredded area. Be sure to harden the edges of the chip so that the patch material or color retouching adheres effectively. Be careful not to scratch the pristine parts of the surface of the sink with sandpaper

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Step 3: Apply repair compound

Use porcelain putty for deep puddles and chips (more than 1/8 inch approximately). Use a small brush to layer the putty until the chip or notch is just above the surface of the sink. Allow each application to dry before continuing. Lightly rub the repaired area between each application to complete the repair flush with the rest of the surface.Follow the application and drying time recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Step 4 should be taken after the putty has been placed and hardened.

You can also use epoxy resin to repair a two-component surface to fill chips. There are different solutions with kits that can be combined to match the color of your sink. These kits usually include two epoxy components and a small brush that can be used to apply the compound.

Step 4: Apply Porcelain Retouching Paint

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Apply porcelain retouching paint to the filled damaged area. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions for use and drying time. Color retouching is available in a variety of colors to better match your sink. It is waterproof and fits snugly against the putty you have applied.

Step 5: Replace the sink (optional)

Consider using a kitchen sink replacement. In some cases, the sink may need to be replaced. If water is leaking from cracks in your sink, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Seal the water in the sink by turning the supply valves clockwise and then disconnecting the pipes from the sink.

Then remove the faucet. Simply loosen the nuts that hold the faucet in place. Loosen the sink drain cover to remove the drain stop plate, then disconnect the sink from the downspout.

The sink will be easier to remove if you use a utility knife to remove the sealant from the bottom of the sink before or during disassembly. Pedestal sinks are typically bolted to the floor and wall and sealed where the sink meets the floor, while sinks are mounted with silicone glue on the vanity where the sink meets the top of the cabinet. For this reason, the adhesive may need some force to remove. Be careful not to damage the vanity when removing the sink.

Place the sink on the base with the appropriate equipment, then use a grout gun to apply a thin ball of sealing along the floor and at the point where the sink meets the wall. For the sink, use silicone glue along the top of the cabinet and on the wall to ensure that the sink is well attached. Replace the sink. Once installed, apply the caulk along the back of the sink along the edge where it meets the wall. Put the faucet back on and then reconnect the water supply lines. Turn on the water to make sure the sink is working properly and the water is not leaking.


Final Thoughts:

Although repairing a broken porcelain sink might be a challenging task, it is possible with the correct tools and materials. These techniques can be used to repair a damaged porcelain sink and restore it to its former splendor. However, in the event that the break is very large or profound, you could need to completely replace the sink.

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